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Galaxy S8 Active Camera Settings and Tutorial


Galaxy S8 Active Camera Settings and Tutorial

Galaxy S8 Active Camera
Galaxy S8 Active Camera Settings and Tutorial - Learn the new Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Camera, specs, overview, review, how to settings, how to use best camera on S8 Active with our tutorial.

Galaxy S8 Active Camera Settings and Tutorial

The Galaxy S8 Active’s camera nw faster and best camera while takes amazing photos in low light and now has an enhanced front-facing camera so you can take better, clearer selfies. Smarter using say hello to Bixby that built-in intelligence that helps you understand the world around you.

Bixby lives inside your camera, gallery and internet to give you a deeper understanding of what you’re looking at. Just tap the eye icon in your viewfinder, and Bixby will serve up contextual icons: translation, QR code detection, landmark recognition, and shopping.

Galaxy S8 Active Camera

Specifications Galaxy S8 Active front camera 8.0 MP, rear resolution 12.0 MP support 8x digital Optical Zoom. The main camera S8 Active built-in new flashlight make a great photo sharper with auto focus. 64GB internal memory ready to save your picture, data, document or file, and if you need more there are extra space on external memory/microSD slot up to 256GB. Never worry with big battery 4000mAh up to 32 hrs.

How to Launch Camera

Use the following methods to launch Camera:
• Launch the Camera app.
  • On the locked screen, drag outside the circle.
• Some methods may not be available depending on the region or service provider.
• Some camera features are not available when you launch the Camera app from the locked screen or when the screen is turned off while the screen lock method is set.
• If photos you take appear blurry, clean the camera lens and try again.

Launch the Camera Using swipe gestures

Quickly control the preview screen by swiping in different directions. You can change the shooting mode, switch between cameras, or apply filters or other effects.

How to Switch Galaxy S8 Active Camera?

On the preview screen, swipe upwards or downwards to switch between cameras.

Galaxy S8 Active Camera Tutorial
Galaxy S8 Active Camera Settings and Tutorial

Open the Camera by quickly pressing the Power key twice.
1. From a Home screen, swipe up to access Apps.
2. Tap Settings > Advanced features > Quick launch camera, and tap On/Off to enable.

How to Take Pictures on Galaxy S8 Active?
Take pictures with your device’s front or rear camera. If you have a memory card installed, pictures and videos are stored to the memory card. If no card is installed, pictures and videos are saved to your phone’s memory.

Manually to Take Pictures:
  1. From a Home screen, swipe up to access Apps.
  2. Tap Camera, and use the display screen as a viewfinder by aiming the camera at the subject. While composing your picture, use the available options or these gestures:
    • To focus the shot, tap the screen. When you tap the screen, a brightness scale is displayed. Slide the light bulb up or down to adjust the brightness.
    • To add an effects filter, swipe to the left and tap a preview filter to apply it to the screen.
    • To add a shooting mode, swipe to the right and select a mode.
    • To quickly switch between the front and rear cameras, swipe the screen up or down.
    • To add a camera setting, tap a Quick settings icon or Settings.
  3. Tap Take a picture to take the picture.
Galaxy S8 Camera Settings
Galaxy S8 Active Camera Settings and Tutorial

On the preview screen, swipe to the right to open the shooting modes list and select a mode.
  • Auto: Take the best possible photos by setting the device to adjust the exposure and colour of photos automatically.
  • Pro: Adjust the exposure value, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, white balance, focal length, and colour tone manually while taking photos.
  • Panorama: Create a panorama by taking consecutive photos in either a horizontal or vertical direction.
  • Selective focus: Change the focus of photos after they have been taken. You can focus on subjects near to the camera, far away from the camera, or both.
  • Slow motion: Record videos at a high frame rate for viewing in slow motion. You can play a specific section of each video in slow motion after recording them.
  • Hyperlapse: Create your own time lapse video by recording at various frame rates. The frame rate will be automatically adjusted depending on the scene being recorded and the movement of the device.
  • Food: Take photos that emphasise the vivid colours of food.
  • Virtual shot: Create multi-directional photos of objects.
  • Selfie: Take selfie shots and apply various effects, such as an airbrushed effect.
  • Wide selfie: Take wide-angle selfie shots to fit more people into your photos.
You can download more shooting modes from Galaxy Apps. On the shooting modes list, tap . Some downloaded shooting modes do not have access to every feature.

How to Use S8 Active Camera Focus and Exposure features

Locking the focus (AF) and exposure (AE) You can lock the focus or exposure on a selected area to prevent the camera from automatically adjusting based on changes to the subjects or light sources.
Tap and hold the area to focus, the AF/AE frame will appear on the area and the focus and exposure setting will be locked. The setting remains locked even after you take a photo.

This feature is available only in Auto mode. Separating the focus area and the exposure area You can lock the focus and the exposure on a selected area to prevent the camera from automatically adjusting based on changes to the subjects or light sources. On the preview screen, tap and hold the area you want to focus on, and then drag the AF/AE frame to the exposure area

How to Use Pro Mode Camera?

Take photos while manually adjusting various shooting options, such as exposure value and ISO value.
  • On the shooting modes list, tap Pro. Select options and customise the settings, and then tap to take a photo.
Available Pro Mode options
•+/- : Change the exposure value. This determines how much light the camera’s sensor receives. For low-light situations, use a higher exposure. If the shutter speed is set manually, you cannot change the exposure value. The exposure value will change and be displayed based on the shutter speed setting.
• WB : Select an appropriate white balance, so images have a true-to-life colour range. You can set the colour temperature. Tap K and drag your finger on the colour temperature bar.
•☉ : Change the focus mode. Drag the adjustment bar towards 🌷or 🌄to manually adjust the focus. To switch to auto focus mode, tap MANUAL.
• ⎈: Select a colour tone. To create your own colour tone, tap Tone 1 or Tone 2.
• ☢ : Adjust the shutter speed. A slow shutter speed allows more light in, so the photo becomes brighter. This is ideal for photos of scenery or photos taken at night. A fast shutter speed allows less light in. This is ideal for taking photos of fast-moving subjects.
•ISO : Select an ISO value. This controls camera light sensitivity. Low values are for stationary or brightly lit objects. Higher values are for fast-moving or poorly lit objects.
However, higher ISO settings can result in noise in photos. If the shutter speed is set manually, you cannot set the ISO setting to AUTO.

Using panorama mode on Samsung S8 Active is take a series of photos and then stitch them together to create a wide scene.
To get the best shots using panorama mode, follow these tips:
• Move the camera slowly in one direction.
• Keep the image within the frame on the camera’s viewfinder. If the preview image is out of the guide frame or you do not move the device, the device will automatically stop taking photos.
• Avoid taking photos of indistinct backgrounds, such as an empty sky or a plain wall.
1 On the shooting modes list, tap Panorama.
2 Tap and move the device slowly in one direction.
3 Tap to stop taking photos.

Selective focus
Use the out-of-focus effect to make specific objects stand out in a photo.
  1. On the shooting modes list, tap Selective focus.
  2. Tap the image on the preview screen where the camera should focus.
  3. Tap to take a photo.
  4. Tap the preview thumbnail.
  5. Tap and select one of the following:
    • Near focus: Make the subject stand out and blur the background around the subject.
    • Far focus: Blur the subject and make the background stand out around the subject. This feature is available only when using the rear camera.
    • Pan focus: Make the subject and its background stand out.
  6. Tap SAVE.
    • It is recommended that you position subjects within 50 cm of the device. Position the subject that you want to focus on close to the device.
    • When taking photos, ensure there is sufficient distance between the subject and the background. The distance should be more than three times the distance between the device and the subject.
    • Hold the device steady and remain still while taking a photo.
    • The quality of photos taken by the device can be affected in the following conditions:
      • The device or the subject is moving.
      • There is strong background light, low levels of light, or you are taking photos indoors.
      • The subject or background has no pattern, or consists of a plain colour.

How to Use Bixby on Galaxy S8 Active?
Galaxy S8 Active Camera Settings and Tutorial

Turn on Bixby Vision S8 Active and point your camera at an object or location to search for products online, discover new places nearby, or translate text.
1. From a Home screen, swipe up to access Apps.
2. Tap Camera > Bixby Vision and follow the prompts.

The Bixby Home screen may appear differently depending on the region or service
  • To use this feature, the device must be connected to a Wi-Fi or mobile network.
  • To use this feature, you must register and sign in to your Samsung account.
  • The available features and search results may vary depending on the region or service provider.
  • This feature may not be available or you may not get correct search results depending on the image resolution.
  • Samsung is not responsible for the product information provided by Bixby Vision.
Applying filters and other Camera effects

On the preview screen, swipe to the left to open the list of filters and other effects. You can apply a unique effect on Samsung S8 Active to your photos or videos.

After selecting a filter or effect, tap the preview screen and take a photo or record a video.

To remove the applied filter or effect, open the filters and effects list and tap Remove effect.

Camera etiquette
  • Do not take photos or record videos of other people without their permission.
  • Do not take photos or record videos where legally prohibited.
  • Do not take photos or record videos in places where you may violate other people’s privacy.