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How to Reset Galaxy S8


How to Reset Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8 Hard Reset
How to Reset Galaxy S8
How to Reset Galaxy S8 - The latest Samsung Galaxy S8 launch date for March 29, and the actual release date in late April. How to Reset Galaxy S8? Learn here S8 master reset. The new Samsung has officially said it.The Galaxy S8 will be accessible in the business sector in four unique hues which are : Green, Black, Gold and White. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a 3.2 GHz processor making the S8 best performance.

How to Reset Galaxy S8

New Samsung Galaxy S8 to Sport 6GB of RAM, with 128GB Storage, and 3250mAh Battery. The new S8 screen will be 5.3 inches with a screen determination of 4096 x 2160 pixels.

Galaxy S8 Master Reset
Performing a data Galaxy S8 reset
Using Galaxy S8 hard reset will Delete all Galaxy S8 settings and data back to the new one. Before performing a Galaxy S8 factory data reset, ensure you back up all important data stored on the S8 device. Refer to Galaxy S8 Backup and restoring data for more information.
On the Apps screen, tap Settings → General management → Reset → Factory data reset → RESET DEVICE → DELETE ALL. The device automatically restarts.

Saamsung Galaxy S8 Reset Settings
You can reset Galaxy S8 to its factory default settings, which reset everything except the security, language, and account settings. Personal data is not affected.
1. From a Home screen, tap Menu Apps > Gear Settings.
2. Tap Backup and reset > Reset settings.
3. Tap Reset settings, and confirm when prompted.

Reset Network Settings on Galaxy S8
You can reset Wi-Fi, Mobile data, and Bluetooth settings with Reset network settings.
1. From a Home screen, tap Menu Apps > Gear Settings.
2. Tap Backup and reset > Reset network settings.
3. Tap Reset settings, and confirm when prompted.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Factory Data Reset
You can reset your device to factory defaults, erasing all data from your device. This action permanently erases ALL data from the device, including Google or other account settings, system and application data and settings, downloaded applications, as well as your music, photos, videos, and other files. Any data stored on an external SD card is not affected. When you sign in to a Google Account on your device, Factory Reset Protection is activated. This protects your device in the event it is lost or stolen.
Galaxy S8 Hard Reset / Factory Reset

If you reset your Galaxy S8 Edge / S8 Plus to factory default settings with the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) feature turned on, you must enter the user name and password for a registered Google Account to regain access to the device. You will not be able to access the device without the correct credentials.
If you reset your Google Account password, you must wait 72 hours after changing your password to perform a factory data reset on your device.

Galaxy S8 Tips before resetting your device:
1. Verify that the information you want to keep has transferred to your storage area.
2. Log in to your Google Account and confirm your user name and password.

Galaxy S8 Manual to reset your device:
1. From a Home screen, tap Menu Apps > Gear Settings.
2. Tap Backup and reset > Factory data reset.
3. Tap Reset phone and follow the prompts to perform the reset.
4. When the device restarts, follow the prompts to set up your device.

Restarting the device
If your Galaxy S8 problems or frozen and unresponsive, here the Galaxy S8 Tutorial to Reset :
Press and hold the Power key and the Volume Down key simultaneously for more than 7 seconds to restart it.

Lock screen
Pressing the Power key turns off the screen and locks it. Also, the screen turns off and automatically locks if the device is not used for a specified period. The S8 screen is locked with Swipe, the default screen lock method. Galaxy S8 Manual to Unlock The screen :

Press the Power key or the Home key and swipe in any direction to unlock S8 screen.

Updating the Galaxy S8
The Galaxy S8 can be updated to the latest software.

Updating Galaxy S8 over the air
The S8 device can be directly updated to the latest software by the firmware over-the-air (FOTA) service.

On the Apps screen, tap Settings → Software update → Download updates manually.

When you tap the Download Samsung Galaxy S8 updates automatically switch to activate it, updates will be downloaded when the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

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